LifeCheck Test Kits: Microbial Analysis, Quantification and Testing for Oilfield and Industrial Applications

Don’t have the personnel or expertise to perform on-site microbial testing? Let OSP provide reliable third-party testing to support your microbial mitigation strategy with our LifeCheck Microbial Services.
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The first step in mitigating microbial growth is to assess the level of microbes in fluid or on surfaces prior to treatment. Information regarding overall population, metabolic subtypes present and presence of biofilms are all important to determine the best course of action. OSP offers several LifeCheck™ Test Kits to quickly and easily evaluate the microbial content of fluid or solids in oilfield and industrial applications.
LifeCheck™ Oilfield and Industrial Applications
Industrial FluidsSurfaces
• Produced waters
• Fracturing fluids
• Fresh water source/Recycled fluids
• Emulsions
• Sales oil
• Drilling muds
• Glycols, amines and solvents
• Pipe/Equipment walls
• Solids and scales
• Coupons and bioprobes
• Failure analysis
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LifeCheck DNA Technology

LifeCheck DNA is a series of innovative genetic tests for rapidly determining problematic microbial populations. It enables the detection and accurate quantification of specific microbes without the need for growth media.

LifeCheck DNA Features and Benefits


No growth biases, no false negatives or false positives.


No use of needles, disposal of culture media, no chemicals.


Data sent in an easy to understand report. Make informed mitigation decisions.

Data Tracking

We can track your long-term data to notify you when microbial counts have changed and suggest appropriate action.


Molecular methods are recognized in the NACE TM0212, TM0194 and other Standard Practices.

Cost Effective

Accurate results within days instead of weeks. Make important mitigation decisions sooner.

Customizable Assays

Determine the data that is most relevant for you.


Analyses do not have to be performed on living microorganisms, which makes it possible to preserve samples and send them several weeks afterwards.
How LifeCheck DNA Works

LifeCheck DNA is culture-independent and therefore enables the detection of microorganisms that do not grow in MPN (most probable number) media-based assays and would otherwise remain unseen. LifeCheck DNA is based on two methods:

  1. qPCR (quantitative polymerase chain reaction), which works by measuring the amount of specific DNA present in the sample from microbes of interest. A single test can accurately determine the quantities of relevant microbes in any sample type.
  2. 16S rDNA sequencing, which will read the DNA of all microbes present in a sample, providing a full list of who is there. Perfect for when problematic microbes are suspected but are not known.
LifeCheck DNA Technology Packages
Total Microbes + SRB (sulfate reducing bacteria)

Total Microbes + SRB (sulfate reducing bacteria)

Customizable for species of interest

Customizable for species of interest

Total Microbes + SRB + Methanogens

Total Microbes + SRB + Methanogens

Full 16S rDNA sequencing for all species in a sample

Full 16S rDNA sequencing for all species in a sample

LifeCheck ATP Test Kit

LifeCheck ATP Test Kit

LifeCheck ATP Test Kits detect the overall population of microbes and provide results in less than 5 minutes. Two versions are available depending on whether you wish to measure suspended (Planktonic kit) or surface (Sessile kit) microbial levels.

Check out the full contents here: ATP Test Kit Contents





<h3>Field friendly</h3>

Field friendly

<h3>Versatile applications</h3>

Versatile applications

LifeCheck Media Test Kit
The microbes responsible for corrosion and souring fall into specific metabolic subtypes. OSP has several kits available to determine the specific subtype of bacteria that is present, enabling the design of a suitable treatment plan.

LifeCheck PRD Kit

Using serial dilution vials of Phenol Red Dextrose (PRD) media, this kit detects heterotrophs and acid producers.

LifeCheck SRB Indicator Kit

Single-vial broth media enables an approximate quantification of SRB in 1 week. Good for quickly determining the presence/absence of SRB.

LifeCheck MPB Kit

Using conventional serial dilution vials of Modified Postgate’s B (MPB) media, this kit can provide an approximate quantification of facultative sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) with a 28 day incubation

LifeCheck Dipslides

Agar dipslides provide a simple way to test for microbes and fungi that require oxygen (aerobic) to live. Suitable for industrial water applications.