Microbial Testing and Analysis with LifeCheck™ Microbial Services

Mitigating microbial growth requires reliable testing and a team of experts committed to your microbial mitigation strategy. Our LifeCheck Microbial Services team is comprised of technical experts, who can offer immediate on-site or in the lab sample evaluation and testing, providing you with reliable results time and time again.

LifeCheck Microbial Services utilizes several technologies for microbial analysis and testing, including LifeCheck DNA, LifeCheck ATP and LifeCheck Media. Microbial analysis can be conducted with all or a selection of technologies.
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LifeCheck™ Microbial Service Offerings

Whole System Analysis Find the source of microbial contamination by having our experts assess your entire system using Industry validated testing kits and protocols.
Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Screen source waters, evaluate on-site biocide treatments, or complete post-frac evaluations to ensure biocide efficacy after wells come on production.
Pipeline Integrity Conduct a baseline assessment of gathering systems for use in mitigation strategies or compliance documentation and schedule regular field testing.
Coupon or Bioprobe Testing Increase data relevancy by having OSP experts test coupons or probes as they are pulled using the LifeCheck Sessile Kit (can also preserve a sample for later MMM).
Failure Site Analysis Perform microbial analyses of failure sites prior to submitting for metallurgical testing.
Injection & Disposal Wells Optimize injection pressures and volumes by identifying microbial issues.
Pre & Post Treatment Evaluations Evaluate any treatment program for effectiveness with accurate on-site measurements throughout the life of your MIC prevention strategy.
Biocide Selection Study Submit samples to OSP’s in-house lab for comparison studies to determine the best biocide for your MIC control and mitigation strategy.

Services are available in Canada and the U.S.