Microbial Diagnostics and Control for Canada and the United States

OSP was founded in 1986 by Calgary-based entrepreneur Michael McLennan, who saw a need for improved microbial control in the oil and gas industry. Today, OSP’s high-level technical expertise provides customers with unparalleled access to application experience, support and product recommendations for microbial diagnostics and control.

OSP recognizes that a microbial mitigation strategy is paramount for preventing issues such as corrosion and souring in oil and gas applications. This led to the creation of LifeCheck™ Microbial Services, which was launched in 2017.

The first step for any treatment program is to assess the level of microbes quickly and accurately in fluids or on surfaces prior to treatment. Immediate microbial results are important for the implementation of an appropriate biocide treatment program. These results can be challenging to achieve with inexperienced field personnel, lean teams and sample transportation logistics. Learn how LifeCheck Microbial Services can help you work through these challenges.